Hearts and hurts

Around the bush, we kept beating

Slept late ’cause we loved a lot of talking

We wake up early in the morning

Our late night conversations dozed us

Wanting more to give our trust

Beyond what we can give

Our hearts still wanted to believe

That there is love unending

True, above all, never deceiving

So we’re trying to save time

All we are, are partners in crime

And took a ride together

We showed off and got bolder

Everywhere so happy making memories

How lovely the days, it’s like in Paris

What more would be if we’ll get to Venice?

Silly we talk of hugs and kisses to miss

Cups of coffee to share

With bread and cupcakes to pair

Watching movies and magazine on the floor

Strolling, together walking out the door

After a warm bath in the shower

Which felt like a dream forever

Oh, the tears when we’re about to leave the place

Turning, hoping there are lesser things to chase

Pleading to stay a little more in there

Time freeze and a blank stare

Fingers crossed to get back sooner

Only a year and things will be over

Seasons will pass and again we’ll meet

Just right there where our hearts were set

To fill the spaces we left for once

And do another merry dance

We’ll laugh and sing until we’re crying

We’ll eat and drink when the sun is setting

Bring a blanket and place them on the grass

Lay down closer and take pictures of us

We could be painting a million smiles on our faces

Shining like the stars upon our gazes

Never ending it will seem

Sadly, it remains to be just a dream

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