Perks of Valentine’s: Love, Gifts and Celebrations

Love has no timeline. It has its own season. It comes and goes without us expecting and knowing. It is celebrated when it is found and mourned for when it’s lost.

Today, many people, either in a romantic relationships or soon to be, are expressing their love for their special someone. They put a lot of effort as if Valentine’s Day is the best and only day to show off. Sending greetings with lovely notes are very common. Beautiful flower arrangements are never missed out. And so are indulging chocolates.

While Valentine’s Day is being celebrated by lovers almost around the world, there are other things that are blooming aside from the blossom field. Love is breathing life to everything ot touches. So everyone are taking their chance!

Helping merchants

In the verge of pandemic where everyone are trying to survive, people found many ways to celebrate the day of hearts. Nonetheless, small businesses are flourishing with creative ideas to sell out. Their beautiful menchandises make Valentine’s more romantic. Valentine’s gifts are not limited to flower arrangements, jewelry and chocolates. Bakers came out with the idea of making beautiful bouquets of cupcakes and nicely heart-shaped cakes.

Browsing through social media, there are lovely printed baloons available in the market. There are printed, plain, and colored ones. Some are sold per piece, others are in a set or package deals. Cuddly teddy bears and stuffed toys are also popular, yes, they’re so adorable! They come in different color, design, and sizes. Bears or baloons, both are captivating for the young ones and young at heart.

While these items are getting so much likes from the girls, others prefer different things. That’s when other items enter the scene. These may include gadgets, appliances, fashion items and beauty and health products which are very useful and practical.

Gadget sellers are offering discounts and freebies here and there. Whoever will receive either a new cellphone, tablet, laptop or computer will be so happy! Don’t forget the pocket wifi for those who do not have wifi at home nor strong data connection in their area. People are getting so “techy” nowadays. Besides, most activities are done online.

Ready-To-Wear merchandises are also available. Shoes, caps, bags, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses and accessories are perfect gifts. And shirts too! In fact, aside from couple shirts and personalized shirts, statement shirts are on the rise.

Moreover, noone will be as thoughtful as the ones who choose to prioritize well-being of their loved ones. That is why health products are also flooding the net themed for the season. Food supplements for men, women, young and old. There are also for body and skin care from head to toe, of course. Soap, lotion, body bath, toothpaste, facial wash, eye cream, facial cream, body cream and more! Lucky if both beauty and wellness come in one product or package. That would be awesome.

Also, perfumes and colognes are good finds. Some people fell inlove for someone’s scents more than looks and all. Scents give and leave a long and lasting impression which may last more than a lifetime.

Celebrating Valentine

During these quarantine times, it is true that love knows no boundary. Distance doesn’t matter, too.

Those who cannot be together for now, can still enjoy a virtual date. Thanks to the internet. As for the gifts, online shopping is very convenient if one cannot go out to shop. Couriers take a matter of days to deliver items.

“Pa-harana” services are also being offered. This is not only for lovers but also for family and friends. One has to pay for others to serenade their special someone. It includes a surprise setup at the car trunk with banners and beautiful arrangement with bouquet(s) of flowers, and most especially, a song. What makes it genuine is that it’s always a surprise.

“Romance is thinking about your significant other, when you are supposed to be thinking about something else”

Nicholas Sparks

Blessed are those who are living together. Though some diners and restaurants went back to operation recently, it is safer to celebrate at home. It would be lovely to have homecooked dishes for a date. Add flower and wine and that’s wonderful!

In the end, while others love to travel and spend their Valentines somewhere, there are many ways to spend the day at home in the midst of travel restrictions. And while there are many gifts one can give, nothing beats quality time and is more romantic than the fact that “someone is thinking of you” and made an effort to let you know and feel that you are loved every single day and not just on Valentine’s.

“Each time you love, love as deeply as if it were forever”

Audre Lorde

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