Two Cents for Love and Relationship

Whoever believes in true love would probably fantasize a happily ever after, not a happy ending story – because “true love never ends” as many would say.

After being in a relationship for almost five years, I realized that love is not always happy. We were like the tides having highs and lows. Sometimes like waves, reaching and leaving the shores. Everyday is full of challenges and surprises that we need to face.

Seeing many couple parting ways for reasons, I realized what made us stay together in this generation of lights, camera, and screens. Below are some thoughtful ideas.

Invest in memories

Falling in love is easy and natural, but staying in love? It’s not. When you’re happy, take pictures. Enjoy the moment. Keep record of the better days because when the hard times come, you’ll have something to look back and hold on.

Cherish one another

Accept each other’s imperfection however, try to improve yourselves. As you overcome your weaknesses, acknowledge it. Same for goals and dreams. Celebrate each other’s success. Be it big or small. Be each other’s cheerer in high times and low times.


When you’re hurting, think about how’s your significant other is feeling too. Your feelings are valid but so are your partner’s. Things would be lighter if both will try to place themselves in each other’s feet.

Eat together

Always share food. Good food brings good mood.

Sometimes even having a sip of coffee together gives a chance for couple to enjoy perhaps a little chat. And that’s lovely.


Communication is the key to harmonious relationship. Be it living together or apart. Mostly, women become emotional when their expectations are not met. Their frustrations can lead to argument and misunderstanding.  On the other hand, most men are waiting to be told what things needed to be done.

Lend an ear

Learn to listen. Be attentive. Let your partner be heard and understood. Its a good feeling to be able to express and not ignored.

Be truthful

Honesty is a big deal in maintaining a healthy relationship. Little lies when piled up will still bring chaos. Be honest always. Doesn’t have to be openly frank. One can be honest without being candid.

Be humble

Learn to admit mistakes. Saying sorry can save you and your partner from further heartaches. Oftentimes, the one who loves the most says sorry first even if it’s not his/her fault.

Praise each other

Appreciate each other in every little way. A simple praise uplifts our spirits. Let each other know that they are valued. By doing so, your significant one will be motivated to do more.


Respect each other’s opinion. Know that everyone ate entitled of their own opinion. Even if you do not gree, let him/her talk and listen anyway. Use kind words and refrain from yelling.

Also, respect each other’s time and space. It’s not everytime that couples need to spend time together. 


Do not compare with other couples. Especially for those who look up to to public figures and screen couples. Some of them are just for show.

It’s maybe now or never

Always let your significant one feel your love for better or for worse. Don’t sleep over a heated argument. Resolve the issue while you have time for tomorrow is not always a promise.


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