An Encounter with a Stray Dog

I remember walking home at one o’clock in the morning. Tired from a part time job. It was cold so I decided to put on my black hooded jacket.

It was dark. There’s no sign of any human activity in the streets. I turned  around as I walked down the alley towards our boarding house. It’s almost fifteen meters away. Noone is around. Not a single soul.

I saw a white aspin on the other side of the road. It was quiet. Not barking. Just walking like it never saw me.

All of a sudden, I felt something in my jeans. I looked down and saw the dog biting me. It didn’t hurt. I felt no pain. But fears crawled inside of me. I chilled to the bones. It added to the coldness of the night.

My knees became weak. I fell down. That’s a good thing after all. The dog moved a little farther. Still, ready to attack. I remained sitting. Looking fearfully at the predator. I tried to think of an escape. Anytime, the dog can attack me again.

I moved my feet. Walking in squat. Like a duck. Slowly I gained more distance. I kept my gaze at the dog. Luckily, I reached the house without the dog attacking me again. Getting inside, a slight feeling of relief came in. Then I panicked. The stories of people got mad after being bit played in my head. Some had died. It was both sad and scary.

Crying, I got my phone. I went online. Asking for help. Thankfully, one, like of all my friends, there’s at least one person who’s still up at two in the morning. I told him about what happened and asked him what should I do. He instructed me to wash my legs with soap in running water.

My head is screaming. I’m feeling the pain now! Wetting the wounds will surely make it worse, I thought. It really hurts. However, I don’t have any choice. I got to clean myself. At least try to get rid of possible infection. Who knows whether the dog was vaccinated with antirabies or not.

I fell asleep trembling with fearful thoughts. Thanks to my exhaustion, my body went to rest. And thanks be to God, I still woke up when the sun started to rise.

I prepared myself. It’s time to visit the Animal Bite Center. I hopped on a jeepney and went to the hospital. There, I waited for almost two hours. Then spend more minutes for the sessions. I received four shots of vaccine. And was advised to go back for next vaccine at a given date. I skipped school and I can’t go to work either. Before I was able to take a ride home, it started to rain. I was in pain.

After all, I’m getting well. The pricks were shallow and quick. Perhaps, the fluid was too little that it seem to penetrate my system so easily. My mind is still working yet I’m beginning to shake. Maybe it’s because of the cold breeze after the rain had fallen. Temp has dropped and it doesn’t seem to rise. It makes me curl in bed…
I’m positive:

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

In my mind, it’s already dead. But whenever I see something like it, it relives as my scars seem to hurt a little bit. No, I don’t want another bite anymore! I think I’ll slay it before it catches me…only if I can…but not with my bare hands… Maybe I’ll kill it in my mind for hundreds of times. Still I can’t…and I won’t.

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